Waddy Jewellery Group is a leading fine jewellery developer, designer, manufacturer and integrated service provider.

We have adopted original strategic manufacturing (OSM) as our business model through strategic partnerships with global fine jewellery retailers. Our scope of business spans from product development, design and manufacturing to high valued-added marketing and promotional services.

As a result, our products feature innovative ideas, fascinating designs and specific themes to accommodate the strategies of our clients in America, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, China and Hong Kong.

Running our own production plant in Nansha of Guangzhou, China, we combine traditional craftsmanship and advanced technologies seamlessly to produce diverse, innovative and superior fine jewellery of various designs and a wide price range to meet with our clients' satisfaction.

At our headquarters with a gross floor area of 15,000 sq. ft. in Hunghom, Hong Kong, 50 full- time staff are engaged in sales, procurement, management and administration. At our design and manufacturing centre with an area of 360,000 sq. ft. in Nansha of Guangzhou, China, over 900 full-time staff, including well trained technicians and personnel are engaged in design, research, production, sales, marketing, management and administration.




Founded with headquarters in Hong Kong



Operations in Nansha, Guangzhou started


Diversification into wholesales business in China



Adopted original strategic manufacturing (OSM) as our business model


To accommodate the brand positioning and business strategies of global fine jewellery retailers, Waddy has adopted its business model of original strategic manufacturing (OSM).

Working closely with our clients as an OSM partner, Waddy taps its rich pool of professional talents and leverages its large-scale production capacity to provide an integrated service that encompasses product design, precious stone procurement, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain financing. The OSM business model enables Waddy to produce and market innovative products and services that incorporate the clients’ brand image and match their business strategies.

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